Mercer On Mission

"Experience is not what happens to a person...Experience is what a person DOES with what happens to him/her"

New Towns, New Experiences

Going into this trip, I was truly excited to explore how global outreach is practically applied, hoping to better understand its function in service learning and how it benefits those harmed by public health disparities. Coming from a public health background, I have been taught to focus on genuinely and objectively evaluating health interventions with regard to their effectiveness and efficacy. Therefore, I have been quite interested in examining each part of our mission in Honduras to find how we can improve upon the structure and impact of the trip. It has been a wonderful experience having the perspective of so many different groups of students with such widely differing perspectives. Everyone has a unique and interesting opinion as to how we can benefit the most people.

Today, I had the opportunity to shadow a provider, and after a couple of patients, I was asked to lead some of the interviews with patients through the guidance of the provider. Although I was quite timid to begin with, I felt that I was able to better understand the perspectives and thought processes of the med students after being involved in the clinic in this manner. 
As we approach our last day of clinic tomorrow, we are all quite exhausted; however, we are all beyond prepared for the unique experiences that are associated with traveling to and helping a new town. This has been one benefit of traveling to seven different towns while in Honduras- each town has a different set of diseases that produce a larger burden on the specific town. This has also resulted in an interesting topic for our pharmacy because it can be difficult to expect or account for what diseases will be most prevalent and the amount of each drug that we will need for that day. 

-Emily S.

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