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Mayans and Macaws

After more than two weeks of being away from home, our time in Honduras is coming to a close. Today was our the last full day in country, and a major highlight of the day for the group included a tour of the Mayan ruins of Copan. We climbed temples, stepped inside the stone remains of a royals' house, and even learned how to read some of the Mayan symbols for numbers. As we first walked through expanse of green forest, we were greeted by the screeching of brightly colored Macaws flying freely among the trees. Because of the price tag placed on these birds, their numbers have been decreasing. Luckily in the area of the Mayan ruins, the population has been growing and this year's number of births has surpassed last year's number of births. We have worked so hard to preserve ancient artifacts and cities that tell the story of people who lived before us, but we cannot push aside the living creatures who are amongst us now. If they disappear, their kind cannot be uncovered like an temple covered by time. They will be lost forever. 


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