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"Experience is not what happens to a person...Experience is what a person DOES with what happens to him/her"

May 30, 2017

Over these couple of clinic weeks, I've realised a few things: patients will nod regardless of whether they understand you, diarrhea can, in fact, be normal, and pregnant ladies are my favorite people in the clinic. I've never had close family or friends who were pregnant, so I've not had much interaction with pregnancy. These women actually do glow. They say that they've had morning sickness maybe twice-not in the week-In the entire pregnancy. They laugh when I get excited about their names for their babies. Besides the joy they bring into the clinic, pregnant women are some of the easiest patients to treat. We can make a real difference by giving antibiotics for a UTI that could interfere with labor. And after a day of patients with cataracts and arthritis that we can barely help, it's relieving to be able to tell a woman that we can treat her problem and that her baby is healthy. 
Yesterday I had a patient that was two weeks from giving birth. After asking her all the general questions for women in late stages of pregnancy, the doctor asked to feel her stomach. He allowed me to feel too, and I was able to tell the woman how the baby was positioned in her stomach just by feeling the backbone. She laughed at my excitement, but for me, it was an entirely new experience. It reminded me why I wanted to come here, why I want to go to medical school. I want to have that excitement, to be able to share in a patient's happiness over good health, to be able to help produce that health. 


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