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"Experience is not what happens to a person...Experience is what a person DOES with what happens to him/her"

Food. Fun. Farmacia.

After a busy week of clinic (we saw 880 patients!) and our day trip to San Marcos de Colon yesterday, today was a much needed day of R&R. The day started out with a delicious breakfast from our hotel. Everyone's favorite breakfast by far is the panqueques (pancakes) which look and taste more like a crepe than the pancakes we are used to back home. This morning we were surprised to see fluffy "American" pancakes. After breakfast, about half of the group headed to church with Leslie (our HOI representative) and her family. Those who stayed behind used the morning for reflection or to catch up on studying. Everyone reunited at lunch over another delicious meal of chicken tostadas. Many of us were excited for this evening since it was our first (and maybe only) opportunity to leave the hotel and eat dinner in Choluteca. After about a 5 minute ride in our party bus, we arrived at El Torito and were joined by Leslie, Osman (Leslie's husband), and members of the Fundesur staff who are sponsoring us on our mission trip. We were spoiled by another delicious meal of salad (yes, it was safe to eat!), potatoes, and platters of chicken, steak, and chorizo. We also celebrated two birthdays tonight. Dr. Mathis, our Public Health faculty member, had a birthday last Wednesday and Drew, one of the medical students, has a birthday tomorrow. About 30 minutes after we got back to the hotel from dinner our final shipment of medications arrived. We spent another few hours dividing out medicines for the next four days of clinic and we are excited to start the week with a fully stocked pharmacy!

Rachel, medical student 

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