Mercer On Mission

"Experience is not what happens to a person...Experience is what a person DOES with what happens to him/her"

Day 9

Day 9 of our trip: To appear to be such a poor place Honduras is so full of life! There is something to be discovered wherever you look, whether it be new people, roaming live stock, or the beautiful flora; it truly is full of life. The simplicity of the way life lived here might take some adjusting to but I admire it. I think it gives greater meaning to life even if monetarily restricted. 

Today we had the option of going to a Baptist church this morning. Some decided to attend and some stayed at the hotel. Church was interesting, although I'm baptist, order of the church was very different from what I'm use to. At church they have bible study for different age groups after first prayer, a song, and then preaching. The Mercer students got placed together. Each group had to memorize a bible verse.  We then had to get in front of the entire church and recite the Bible verse we learned.
After church we headed back to the hotel and had lunch. We all spent our free time differently today but met at 5 pm for supper. Supper was extremely well put together and muy bien!! I think everyone enjoyed it. At supper we celebrated Drew Fozzard's (MD student- HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREW) and Dr. Mary Mathis' birthdays with cake.
After supper we went back to the hotel to count pills.  It was a tedious task for the hour but we got it done and are ready for the next days clinic.

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