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"Experience is not what happens to a person...Experience is what a person DOES with what happens to him/her"

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Today was our last day of clinic this week. The weather was so much better than earlier this week because it was cloudy. Today's clinic finished earlier because we didn't have as many patients. Even though a lot of us aren't feeling too well, including myself, I had the most fun today. So far I feel like we haven't been able to actually connect much with the patients, but today we were able to play soccer with some of the kids. I also had a really fun experience with a patient. He was a little boy named Ernesto and he's 4 years old and he seemed very hyperactive so I was joking around with his mom about his hyperactivity as she was explaining why he needed to be seen by a doctor. He played soccer with some undergrads before he came inside to see the doctor, so the whole time we were trying to talk to them he kept saying that he wanted to play with the ball. After we were done with clinic and we were packing up, I asked someone to get me a ball from the suitcase of toys we brought and I gave it to him and he just had the biggest smile on his face. Ernesto, his sister, an Honduran doctor, and I played with the ball until our group had to leave. Every day has been fun because I've been able to meet new people and understand the culture more, but today was definitely the most fun.


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