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"Experience is not what happens to a person...Experience is what a person DOES with what happens to him/her"

Day 3: New Location

Today we went to a new location for clinic, and I must say today I had the best experiences thus far, culturally and educationally. We were at a school and the children were so adorable. The adults were more grateful than ever and I received so many hugs, which was heartwarming. I work in the pharmacy and the setup was different in a good way, with more space and opportunity to interact with patients. My favorite part about the day was being able to go outside of the pharmacy and counsel the patients on their medications and follow a patient throughout their case, so the change of scenery was a great experience I will hold onto. I would have to say each day is getting better. Some days are better than others and today was a good day for all of us. This whole process has been a learning experience for me because I came into this not knowing what to expect, and at the same time not being able to speak Spanish to communicate effectively what I want to has been very difficult. I have learned that translators are your best friends and I am so grateful to have them around. The entire team has been so great and everyone brings something different to the table. With each passing day there has been some type of struggle whether it be the heat, workload, exhaustion, or the emotional aspect. At the end of the day, I'm here to serve and give medications to those in need. Every struggle has been worth the reward, and I definitely have come to realize how lucky I am and appreciate life more than ever. 

- Mandy Hill

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