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Day 1-2 Blog (The Journey From Tegucigalpa to Choluteca)

            The first thing I noticed before we even touched down on the Tegucigalpa runway was the sheer number of houses that seemed to be stacked one on top of the other all over the mountains surrounding the city.  Once we began to make our way through the maze of streets and out into the country via the Pan-American Highway, it became even more apparent just how different the lives of these people were from anyone in the U.S.  The traffic, for example, has what seem more like guidelines than actual laws, yet somehow the driver of our converted school bus managed to fit us through the chaos.  The houses edged right up next to the road, which was apparently a major highway.  In the U.S., we would of course be shocked to ever see houses, however low in real estate price, only a yard or two away from the edge of the road, but this seemed to be norm.  Although we complain about litter in public places or along roads in the U.S., there was usually a constant sprinkling of garbage along the roadways, sometimes unfortunately marring what would otherwise be a beautiful vista.  Although we do have problems in the U.S. just as in every country, seeing all of this made me realize how often we’re prone to complain about what we don’t have rather than being grateful for what we already have.  We live such rich and blessed lives and yet we talk at times as if we were in situations like many of the Hondurans we passed on our trip to Choluteca yesterday.  While this is only day two of our trip (counting the travel day), and I already can’t wait to see what else we’ll learn here.

                                    ~Grant Shelton

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