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Blog Clinic Day 7 of 9

We're almost done with clinics now and it feels like we have really hit our stride.  In the past two days we have been at a health center which is little bigger than a trailer park home and we have seen almost three hundred and twenty patients.  Though the days have been hotter and more of our team is sick this week than last, we have been able to provide care to these patients in such a way that you can see the results on the smiles on their faces.  Its not easy work to be out in the sun and in a hot, sweaty set of scrubs for nine to ten hours a day, but this trip was never about being easy, it was about making our way to a completely different and even uncomfortable place to meet the people in their homes and to touch their lives.  What I don't think anyone of us expected when we began this trip was just how much some of these people would touch our hearts.  From the adorable smiles of little children laughing and playing soccer to the "gracias" uttered by an eighty-seven year old receiving her first pair of glasses, the hard work is worth it.
Our team saw a ten year old boy with leukemia today and although we may not be able to truly shape the course of his life in some grand way, we gave him a ball and a figurine and his face lit up.  I know that the purpose of this trip was to go serve others and bring healing where there was none, but today especially gave me an important lesson in this case.  That boy was so happy and we gave him what probably was a Dollar Tree bouncy ball and a small plastic figurine.  You would be hard pressed to find that kind of gratitude in many of the places in the U.S.  We truly live in so much excess that sometimes we lose sight of the value of things like hard work in hot and humid clinics and the reward of a ten year old child's smile after giving him a small gift and making him feel cared for and welcome in spite of whatever medical condition he may have. 

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