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Barbie Gringo Goes to the Big City

Today we left the Hotel Camino Real in Choluteca for the last time, marking the end of our clinical mission work in Honduras. We drove to Tegucigalpa where we first flew into Honduras just 13 days ago. Along the way, we stopped in the Valley of Angels, a very charming tourist filled town. We bought pounds and pounds of coffee and many souvenirs for our friends and families (but only the ones who are reading this blog!) Arriving in Tegucigalpa, we were shocked by the change of scenery, and we began to more fully grasp the large disparity of wealth in this country. Even in the midst of our excitement and anticipation for our weekend of sightseeing, we are incredibly grateful that most of our time in Honduras was spent serving the southern communities who lack the resources that exist here in Tegucigalpa. 
When we first arrived in Honduras, Kyna's and my bags were lost by Delta. Even with the assistance of good friends who let me borrow their clothes, I quickly found myself in dire need of a washing machine. Coordinating laundry at the hotel was not necessarily simple, so our HOI host, Leslie, offered to take me to her home to wash my clothes there. Luckily our luggage arrived just in the nick of time before I had to do laundry at Leslie's home! We learned much later in the trip just how generous her offer had been when she explained that her house does not have running water. Instead her husband, Osmund, must purchase jugs of filtered water to fill their cistern, which provides all the water for their house. Leslie's kindness is just one example of the many times that we have been overwhelmed by the love that Hondurans show to strangers and neighbors alike. I know this experience will impact the way I approach patients at home, and I hope our Honduran patients have felt as well loved by us as we have been by them.

McGee Hopper, MSIII

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