Mercer On Mission

"Experience is not what happens to a person...Experience is what a person DOES with what happens to him/her"

A long weekend of traveling and we're U.S. bound tomorrow!

This weekend was full of traveling and finally getting to be tourists in Honduras! Friday we left Choluteca and we went to the Valley of Angels. In the valley we were able to spend tons of money and buy gifts for all of our friends and family back home. We drove to Tegucigalpa and stayed in a nice hotel that night and we had a fabulous dinner! On Saturday we drove to the airport where we flew to San Pedro Sula to get picked up to drive the rest of the way to Copan. The ride was long but relaxing and I'm so happy we made it to Copan. The bus can't make it into the town so we had to walk from the front of the city to the hotel in the rain. It was funny because none of us expected this and I was wearing flip flops which made it very difficult to walk on the cobblestone streets. I almost busted my butt a couple times but thankfully I am okay. This hotel is so pretty and the people that are working here and doing such a great job taking care of us while we're staying here. We were able to explore some of the city that night which was a blast. Sunday, today, we woke up and made our way to the Mayan Ruins of Copan. Our tour guide did such a great job of giving us the history of the Mayans and showing us all around the ruins. We probably walked a total of 4 miles today but it was so worth it. Looking back I'm glad that I was able to come on this trip and I definitely feel like I gained a lot of experience and was able to see different parts of the world and different cultures and people that I never would have encountered otherwise. Now that Mercer on Mission has come to a close we are all just preparing to get a good night's rest and find ourselves back in our homes in the U.S. in less than 24 hours!!!


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