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This blog is made and updated by Mercer undergrads. Throughout our time in Honduras, students from the various disciplines will write about their experiences serving. 

Youth in Honduras

Today I found myself working in the education room of our fifth clinic day, where I had the chance to hear some high school students from Choluteca present various public heath topics to the community. I was amazed by how much these students knew and how well they carried a conversation about rather sensitive topics. Their knowledge of these common diseases was impressive and the way with which they connected to the community members was something only a native could do. You could tell they each felt a sense of empowerment in improving the well-being of each patient we saw today. 

In between sessions, I had a chance to speak with some of the students about their presence in the clinic. They lived miles away but chose to speak with this community because of its reputation for being one of the poorer communities in Honduras. A few of them had aspirations of working as Public Health workers in the future and one even wished to study medicine. I'm not sure what motivated me to write about these students today, but I suppose in some ways we both have a similar motive: to better the lives of those around us. 

In some ways I know that my time spent in Honduras and the effort that I provide in bettering the lives of the few patients I meet will be very short-lived, but seeing these students work for the benefit of these community members and for their education is something that I know that will last much longer. It is a comfort to know that so many Honduran community members are tackling the same issues we hope to treat. I can only be hopeful that this pattern of altruism will continue in the years to come. Here's to the future of Honduras and those that will help it get there. 

Lizzy, Medical Student

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