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This blog is made and updated by Mercer undergrads. Throughout our time in Honduras, students from the various disciplines will write about their experiences serving. 

The Privilege of a Hot Shower

I have completely underestimated my ability to take a cold shower, because the showers here have one setting: freezing cold. After a long day of work in a clinic, most people were thankful for the showers ability to cool them down from the Honduran heat. I personally missed having a hot shower and was immensely grateful to have one today. This moment made me think of something I had never considered in the states: having a hot shower is a true privilege. 

Most people in Honduras work in the heat all day and come home to houses with no AC, windows, or sometimes even doors. These homes also do not always have running water. A shower, hot or cold, is a privilege, which is something I realized as I saw a woman wash herself using a bucket from a barrel of stagnant water outside her house. One woman told us of how she used to take up to 4 cold showers a day to keep from overheating, but now, with the current drought, she could barely take one. Even if someone can take showers, most people don't want to use heated water due to the climate or can't afford to have a water heater.

Everyday here in Honduras continues to remind me how privileged that I have been throughout my life. What I expect in the states (hot showers, clean water, ice, air conditioning), is  a luxury that some people may never know here in Honduras. In the future when I am taking my hot showers or using water from a sink, I will no longer see these as something to expect, but instead I will know them for what they are: a privilege I was blessed enough to have been given. 

Brooke Barker- undergraduate interpreter

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