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2016 Blog

This blog is made and updated by Mercer undergrads. Throughout our time in Honduras, students from the various disciplines will write about their experiences serving. 

Press in San Agustin

On the last day in San Agustin, we had a small group of press around the clinic. There was a photographer taking pictures of all the stations and a small news group. I had the amazing opportunity of being Dr. House's interpreter during a short press conference and interview. The community seemed to be very pleased and happy to have us in Honduras. We were gladly able to mention that we had seen over 1000 patients. 

Personally, it was a great interpreting experience (national Honduras news!). I felt nervous about possibly messing up, but I honestly felt as if I did a good job and it gave me a boost of confidence in my spanish. I feel as though we left a positive image and representation of Mercer University in Honduras, and I am happy to have been able to portray that as well. 

Jeanette, Undergrad Interpreter 

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