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This blog is made and updated by Mercer undergrads. Throughout our time in Honduras, students from the various disciplines will write about their experiences serving. 

Hope for Honduras

One week from today, we will be back in the United States. These past nine days, we have had the opportunity to serve some of the poorest communities of Honduras. Reflecting on the past week, I can't help but be amazed at all our team has accomplished. No doubt we have truly made a difference this week. As of today, our team has seen just under 1,000 patients and filled over 2,000 prescriptions. However, sometimes I find myself wondering how long our presence will affect these people. Have we truly made a difference? Or have we only provided a short-term fix? 

Coming to a third world country. I expected there to be health disparities. I never imagined they would be so severe here in Honduras. Although people have access to doctors, most don't have access to a pharmacy with the medicines they need. Even if they do have access to doctors and a pharmacy, many people cannot afford their medicines. That is part of what we do here while on Mercer on A Mission. We provide the people access to medicine. But, we do more than that...

In my opinion, the most important thing Mercer on A Mission does for these communities is provide them with hope. Hope for a future. We provide hope through the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, pre-med students, global health students, and Marriage and Family Therapists. We provide hope through the medicine we provide. We provide hope through simply listening. We provide hope through education. Lastly, we can provide hope through prayer. For that, I think the people here are grateful. Hope is definitely not short-term and that is something I think they Hondurans can hold onto long after were gone. And for that, I feel very proud to be a part of this team. 

Sidney, Nursing  

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