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2016 Blog

This blog is made and updated by Mercer undergrads. Throughout our time in Honduras, students from the various disciplines will write about their experiences serving. 

First Sunday

Today is Sunday. And like a lot of Americans, Sundays in Honduras mean going to church. We were fortunate to have one of the local communities invite us to join them in their church service. As we pulled up, everyone lined the steps and welcomed us with big smiles and warm hearts. The service was simple: a few songs and prayers in Spanish and a short message from a translator. Simple, but still moving. Having grown up in church my whole life, I found the service very refreshing. Even though I didn't know most of what was said, I could still see their passion, the same passion I see in churches back home. It was very humbling to be reminded that the world, and even my own faith, is much bigger than I realize. Here is a community of people with different customs, culture, and language, who have welcomed us so warmly, serving the same God, praying the same prayers as me and my family. As clinicians, all too often we see our patients as nothing more than their disease, but I was reminded today that, despite differences in culture or background, each patient is a person, complete with their own emotions, opinions, and beliefs. And it's that commonality that keeps us holding on, that drives the compassion in our hearts. As we step into the clinics this week, we won't be treating just a stranger in a foreign country. In a way, we will be treating ourselves, for we are all the same. Even in the mountains of Honduras.

-Avery, Pharmacy

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