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This blog is made and updated by Mercer undergrads. Throughout our time in Honduras, students from the various disciplines will write about their experiences serving. 

Day 1 of clinic- We did it!

Today was our first day in clinic and I think that it went really well!  When we arrived to the school this morning everyone kicked right into gear and began helping to set up each station needed for the day.  A few of the children of the community prepared a dance that they performed for us at the start of the clinic.  Each student was given an assignment the night before on what station they would be at in the morning and then in the afternoon.  I was assigned to intake first and I loved this station.  I was able to interact with so many patients and each one was so incredibly grateful to have us in their community.  My interpreter was a life saver when it came to talking to the patients (she even tried to teach me a few new phrases along the way.)  My afternoon station was in the pharmacy.  While in the pharmacy I was able to fill several prescription for patients that I had seen during intake.  It was fun and interesting to be able to see the end diagnosis and prescription for these patients.  I, of course, told everyone "hola" and "gracias" because these are the main spanish words that I am confident in what I am saying.  After clinic we came back to where we are staying and everyone began working together again and packing all the meds to replenish what we used today.  I am looking forward to visiting this community again tomorrow and being able to see some familiar faces (especially of the children).  Our team has already started working so well together and I am looking forward to seeing what else we can do in this community.  I am also looking forward to all of the tips and fun facts that we have and will continue to learn from each other as we work as an interdisciplinary team!

- Emily (Pharmacy)  

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