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This blog is made and updated by Mercer undergrads. Throughout our time in Honduras, students from the various disciplines will write about their experiences serving. 

Clinic Day 5 Complete!

After an evening of heavy rain and thunderstorms our team departed early traveling a bit further south to serve a new village. After a week of severing the villages in the area surrounding our sponsor we were excited to see what today had in store for us and motivated by the welcomed “cooler” weather.


We were greeted with a new mode of transportation today, special treat – AC! This made our trip (that was a bit further today) quite enjoyable. We could even see the remaining low lying clouds over the mountains. It was beautiful.


Upon arrival to the village we traveled quite some ways (stopping a time or two for clarification) to their school grounds that where already lined with patients anxiously awaiting our arrival. There were the typical children surrounding the bus ensuring us a warm welcome. After the leaders of the community lead us in a beautiful prayer and thanked us for our service we were off to work! By this time we have the clinic positions down pat, however today proved to be challenging as we integrated local doctors, nurses, and high school students into our team.


It did not take long to realize the health disparities in this community were slightly different than that of the previous villages. We saw conditions that were less common than in other villages and this definitely kept us on our toes. However irrespective of the country the basic needs do not change.


I now value the amount of patient education that is a part of our curriculum more than ever. If we wish to truly make a change in anyone’s life we must start at the source. In order to sustain the change we hope to make we must instill knowledge. Change ones belief will be what is left when the medications are gone, the wounds have healed and we are merely memories of what once was.


"The King will reply,'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

Matthew 25:40


Elizabeth, Nursing

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