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2015 Blog

Wednesday-Week 1: Susan

Today was awesome! The patients seen today were way more complicated that the previous days, but still compassionate and extremely appreciative for all we’re doing. I am interested in compounding pharmacy and feel it is a lost art. Not many people know that pharmacist can compound medications into different things. Today I got to practice what I want to do and make ranitidine syrup for a baby! Normally I would have a mortar and pestle as well as other compounding equipment. Here, at the ranch, all I had was a hammer! I was able to crush up some tablets, do a little math, and finish with a suspension for the baby’s GERD. It was awesome being able to show others what pharmacist can do, and even cooler being able to help the infant that otherwise would have been turned away. I learned a lot about myself through this experience. I need to have more confidence in myself and know I am knowledgeable in what I do.

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