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Thursday-Week 2: Kait

And that’s a wrap- Today was our last day of clinical experience. Our group headed out in the vans after an early breakfast to our last clinic past Pacura. Our entire group radiated energy of enthusiasm and excitement. I have been so proud of the work ethic and diligence of our team over the past two days. We drove through what seemed like the middle of nowhere and I was doubtful that we would see more than 10 patients.  Clinic today was set up in a church. This was just a beautiful image of merging our cultures with theirs in attempt to provide healing for their bodies in a sacred place where many venture to receive healing for their souls. To my surprise, we saw over 90 patients and had a constant influx of people. The opportunity to provide medicine, comfort, health advice, or even solace in some instances was a very valuable opportunity.

Today made me realize and reflect upon this trip and the various aspects of service. Working with the medical students today really reiterated what has been discussed this past week. Sometimes healing occurs through stopping up runny noses or refilling prescriptions. However, other times, it is through listening, loving, sympathizing, and caring that the best aid is provided. Trips such as this reinforce that fact that love and service are human traits that expand far beyond the borders of a profession. Everyone was able to explore the various facets of our healthcare operations throughout this week. We have adapted to a wide array of challenges in each clinic and managed to operate efficiently and help a ton of people throughout the Agalta Valley.

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