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2015 Blog

"Suffering and Resilience" Monday-Week 1: Dr. Andrea Meyer

Where to start...today was long and rewarding. We had our first clinic day in the villages. We started the day with a devotional with all the ranch staff and Mercer group. We met the people who run HOI and who make our trip possible. I couldn’t help but wonder, what do they think of us? Do they see us as helpful or are we viewed as foreigners trying to “save the world”? Over and over again today I felt the gratitude and appreciation of the Honduran people. Even with my limited language ability, I felt the connection with each patient and child. I met a woman today who gave her only pair of shoes to another elderly villager. She did this so the woman could come into the clinic with shoes on her feet. Although she had so little, she was willing to give to another person to improve her daily life. This sentiment reminds me of my roles here on the trip and at home. It shows me how important human relationships are to our health and well-being. I spent much of my time today greeting and welcoming the patients, and helping all of the team members. I was asked to join several medical stations when patients reported anxiety, depression, stress, and even suicidal thoughts. When I first decided to come on this trip, I wondered what my purpose would be. It became evident very early today, even with our first patient, that human suffering is global; as well as human resilience. The patients honored me with their stories of trauma, loss, and pain. Although I couldn’t provide “medicina”, a kind look, a simple supportive touch, and a prayer or hug was often enough to help. I am so grateful for my experiences today and hopeful for the healing we can all provide while we visit Honduras.

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