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Monday-Returning to U.S.: Tatum

Tucked away far in the mountains of Honduras is the little city of Copan. Known for its ruins left by the Mayans, it was quite a charming place to end our trip. The cobblestone streets and authentic food gave the city character. Our hotel was amazing to say the least. Each time we ate there it was a five-course meal. I loved sitting out by the pool and enjoying the exotic plants that encompassed it. Exploring the city was by far one of my best memories from this trip. A group of us took two motor taxis to the top a mountain that overlooked the city to a place called San Lucas. The view was breathtaking, and it was nice to chat with friends while sipping coffee by the gorgeous view of Copan. The people that I have traveled here with have made the trip memorable. Our group bonded so well and made the seemingly, difficult task of treating people go so smoothly. I will always remember Copan as a place of celebration from a hard two weeks of clinic and of lasting relationships that I made on this fun adventure.

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